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We hope you will enjoy browsing our website and fine line of honey products.   Fredrich's Honey has been producing honey, pollen and propolis on Vancouver Island since 1966.

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We invite you to browse our wide array of products that you and your family are sure to enjoy year round.  Visit our Web Store to learn more or feel free to drop by Fredrich's Honey Farm see map.  Fredrich's Honey is also sold at special retail store outlets. You may also visit us at one of the Farmer's Markets listed at left.


Fredrich's Honey Farm

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We invite you to visit our farm located 15 minutes south of Nanaimo in the Cedar/Yellowpoint area. Our honey house is located at 2798 Cedar Road, Cedar, BC.  Reminder to please bring your own containers to our farm! Bring clean empty honey jars or buckets and we will refill them for you.  Enjoy the goodness of our wonderful assortment of honey products. 

Recipes Made with Fredrichs Honey 

Honey Ginger Lemon Zinger

Enjoy on a hot summer's day while relaxing on the patio!

Fredrichs Honey Honey Zinger
  • 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1-2 teaspoons ground ginger (to taste)
  • 1 tablespoon Fredrich's Honey w/ propolis
  • Hot water 

Mix up in a cup and serve 


About Us

Fredrich's Honey FarmFredrich's Honey has been producing Vancouver Island honey, pollen and propolis since 1966 and for many years before that in Germany and other parts of Europe. <more>



Fredrich's Honey Bee Pollen
Please visit  Fredrich's Honey Web Store to browse our array of fine honey products.   We deliver  the goodness of nature to your door! 


Fredrich's Honey WorkshopsFredrich's Honey Workshops are held the second Saturday of of the months April, May, June and September from 10 am- noon.   Our workshops focus on timely tasks and practical beekeeping. Come by and join the fun! No registration required and workshops are free